Site P2000 how do earn 180 yuan a day

My website address: in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will last a subtitle website with an asterisk.

but in order to express and I’m not talking nonsense, I tell you my website name: "China free recruitment network" people can go to use Baidu Search.

first website advertising, we must first understand their own, one even what they do are not clear, then don’t talk about the other!The nature of

2 your target group is what?

The characteristics of these

3 of your target consumer group?

4 they can accept advertising forms and ads like that?


now there are many kinds of forms of advertising, we should according to the points I mentioned above to choose their own advertising.

here note, when we do GGAD, don’t cheat, cheat his check is very strict, which is why his price is high, and there are many reasons why people do not, but no skill, remember to put some cheap GGAD advertisers to shield, or you flow go, but the effect is not obvious, there is a need to do GGAD optimization work, if we do not know where the benefits of optimization!

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