Discussion on the experience of the rapid profit of QQ website

    now what website most, what website start flow most easily, many people may think is a movie or entertainment website, in fact, the current QQ related websites, or QQ to domain name website, flow up the fastest, QQ website, if the search is not sealed, a website can do 5000 to 10 thousand IP, if a person can control 3-5 a similar website, still can solve the problem of food and clothing.

  QQ is to engage in traffic, QQ related keywords: http://s.d.baidu.com/rs.php? Q=qq%BF%D5%BC%E4& tn=baiduWe’ll look at the effect of



1  Google ads, recommended alliance Google Adsense  Admin5 also has publicity: /article/20061113/1113O312006.shtml


General click rate can reach 1% 

2 QQ related advertising is also a lot of money to send QQ type, can be regarded as a very targeted advertising model, http://s.m.anytree.cn/ 


3 click on the category of advertising, be sure to find the relevant aspects of the download. Clear picture. Easy to click recommended www.unionsky.cn and yahoo ads


Click on the effect of

this is very good.

In addition to the

ringtones, Baidu search, such as advertising on advertising.

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