Analysis Ali Tencent 360 of nternet competition entrepreneurs companies how to face the nterne

Internet industry is always extraordinary, in the face of this year’s Tencent, 360, Ali and Baidu compete in the Internet, we will undoubtedly find. The development of competitive pattern. After all, the Internet is a big fish eat small fish era. Big fish competition era.

First we talk about the

360 and the

commercial Tencent

360 said Tencent is doing a market in the Internet entrepreneurs to stifle the dream, because he is constantly doing projects. After all, these projects in the erosion of the Internet market, which led to an unfair competition pattern into the era, and many of the entrepreneurs may have a dream because of the development process, and even some improvement. Lead to market loss. Why is the law of the jungle era?? large enterprises use their own advantage of bundled forms of market expansion, stifle the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have a lesson.


of course, the development of Tencent in the past two years, such as the expansion of the portal network throughout the country, as well as the game is such a rapid development. But it also kills a lot of small and medium-sized companies, and even do not have the advantage of enterprises. It is possible to cause the company to close down. We do not reflect on how to deal with smes.

says 360 and Baidu.


we see the development of a market. 360 Baidu as the Internet search engine leader, in order to better create a good ecological circle. So Zhou Hongyi put forward the concept of search engine. Combined with 360 security guards. Gain great advantage quickly. The pattern of the Internet on the opening. The latest search engine market share in the Internet, has been a turn for the better. 360 search market share has improved, while Baidu has declined. Under the same period, Baidu quickly launched a Baidu antivirus. And we see the Internet really give users a good experience is the anti-virus is 360, which is recognized. From rising to Jinshan to Jiangmin is the embodiment of the most incisive. Itself as a computer installation of two anti-virus software is not normal. But look at the market. Now Baidu launches this. Is undoubtedly the destruction of the user experience, in order to share a market. In order to maintain a market. But why not cooperate to bring better. Don’t take the user.

alone to talk about Baidu

Baidu used to test the water in the mobile Internet, the mobile Internet is not a good advantage. The small and medium enterprises do better mobile Internet, you can control the situation is the mobile guards and mobile phone software store, etc., do a good job is 360 mobile assistant, down is 91. I want to say in the Internet if Baidu has developed the mobile internet. Do the phone assistant, he will buy 91, so it will give us a thought. Small and medium-sized enterprises should learn the same as 91 assistants

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