My Baidu union money notes

I’m from 06 years in July came into contact with the network, 07 years before May, has been chipping away, then part-time play, 07 years in May, the development of a station, a few months later, IP soared to about one hundred thousand, Baidu every day brought me close to fifty thousand IP, at that time, I very grateful for it, so I went to the Baidu alliance, plaster full of Baidu alliance to the station. And about a dozen locations, but only on a Google ad, ha ha. But the income gap, you can use a hundred times (at least 400 times) to come up with the description, the following is the site of the peak of the Baidu union screenshot,


Click to look at the big picture, the back of the income (some of the data on the map marked with black spots, but I believe we can see to understand)

Google screenshot is not posted, you did Google should know this show can bring what kind of income ratio, and click on the word, I believe that Baidu " on this crazy; " the amount deducted (with crazy to describe is not excessive), there is a I understand that misunderstanding, think the Baidu Alliance will not be K, but has not removed the " chicken ribs " but the Baidu code, called " " algorithm; adjustment, I stood still for 6 months is unfortunately the fate of K (before doing a the station is a few months later, K), I do not believe that is because the black hat was K, Baidu seems to be in the world. After being K, I only see light suddenly, we’ve been fooled by Baidu. Fortunately, we rely on Baidu has become more and more serious, leaving Baidu, we have Google, as well as YAHOO, the site is now alive and healthy, and recently intends to do Ali mother go. The URL is not posted, hope you don’t have the same misunderstanding and I repeat my mistakes "cheated".

Baidu alliance, you in the end who fooled


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