Robin Li share entrepreneurial experience deciphering the seven elements of entrepreneurial success

today’s young entrepreneurs are likely to be successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and in order to achieve success but not everyone can achieve on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial process in addition to their own perseverance and some other factors, but also to grasp entrepreneurial skills, learn business methods. Robin Li, the richest man in mainland China’s successful entrepreneurial experience, on the road to go on a friend, there will be some inspiration.

Robin Li graduated from Peking University in 1991, and then went to the United States to complete a master’s degree in computer science.

in the United States in 8 years has served as the · the Jones senior adviser to the company, "the Wall Street journal" real-time financial information system designers, and a senior engineer in the international well-known Internet companies.

1999, Robin Li returned home and partner to create a Baidu Inc, chairman and CEO of Baidu Inc, is responsible for the company’s strategic planning and operations management.

2001, Robin Li was named "China ten pioneering new", 2002 was the first "IT ten influential man" title.

November 2013, Robin Li net worth of $11 billion 900 million to become China’s top second richest. Along the way, has accumulated rich experience, here we take a look at the seven elements of successful entrepreneurial fortune

Robin Li!

first recruit: look forward to two years

Robin Li was abandoned in the United States with extreme ease doctor cap when the U.S. it and hard pioneer, is the hottest e-commerce. Many people desperately want to squeeze on this car to be optimistic about the network of trains, and even throw away their familiar industry.

Robin Li did not follow the flow into the field of electronic commerce, but quietly walked to the still few people interested in Web search. Because he sees a huge impact on the Internet world.

Robin Li warned young people eager to look forward to: there must be two eyes. Follow the trend, catch the tide, you have probably just odds and ends of a meal.

second strokes: less promise to honor

"how long will this project be completed?" "6 months……" "4 months, will you give me an extra 50%?." "I’m sorry, I can’t do that."

this is a conversation with a client at the beginning of Robin Li. Later, the customer told him about Robin Li’s refusal, he felt very satisfied, because it reflects that Robin Li is a very real and steady, so that his product quality must be guaranteed.

The third measure:

does not need money to borrow money

in the course of business, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything "is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. The Silicon Valley in the United States, both because of the risk investment companies and pioneer rippa every day, every day, because the cash strapped and put up the shutters. Li Yan >

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