E commerce challenges traditional stores focus on consumers

Along with the development of digital products into life, almost all of the retail enterprises have seen the digital product market prospects, such as Gome and Dazhong Electric appliance retail stores have to enter the field of large scale digital retail, traditional stores face a severe test. The rise of e-commerce, including the United States, including large and medium, engaged in the sale of digital products all stores feel unprecedented challenges.

the impact of Electronic Commerce on the traditional stores, basically has spent the first stage in order to attract operators as the main feature, is now in the second stage to attract consumers. In the first stage, due to the low cost of e-commerce website, more and more digital products retailers in the traditional store rental counter at the same time, also opened a network of shops in the electronic commerce website, some even to focus on operations in e-commerce site, completely by means of sales on the internet. Due to the low cost of e-commerce, the same dealer sales of products, e-commerce sites in the sales price is lower than the traditional store sales price. The advantage of the price of the product, the consumer has been recognized and accepted by the majority of the online price has become an important reference for many consumers to buy. "Consumers take printed soit" to bargain ", has become a dealer from time to time to face many stores in the scene. As a result, the impact of e-commerce on traditional stores into the second stage, an important feature of this stage is that e-commerce sites will focus on the end consumer.

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