3 Notes on Sem advertising

Sem advertising is a PPC search engine provides advertising, you can say it is the most effective kind of advertising channels, can quickly bring to the site of massive traffic, but at the same time it brings the consumption is very large, some of the words, by one click may spend a few blocks money. So if you are going to do Sem advertising launch, you may need to do a lot of data analysis and practical reference work. In the past year, I have been in charge of the company Sem advertising, in the actual operation of the process, found that some places are very easily overlooked, but these places under consideration may lead you advertising output ratio decreased. Here also summarizes the 3 points of Sem advertising, for reference:

1, keyword selection is not just look at the conversion rate of

this is a lot of people are in a mistake, in selecting the keyword delivery time, a lot of people are taking into account only the conversion rate, the first seems to have what problem, high conversion words certainly should increase efforts to put into the low rate of words but also not worth to put. However, this consideration is one-sided, and there is a very important factor is the profit of goods.

example: if a word conversion rate is 10%, this is a very high conversion, but if the goods transforming profit is very low, you may spend 100 dollars to the cost of advertising, brought into the 10 times, but each time the transformation and not profit 10 dollars, that in the word, you are actually losing money, so the word conversion rate is not worth the same delivery. On the contrary, the conversion of a word may be only 1%, but it is this transformation can bring a lot of profit, far more than the consumption of the click, then the word is more worthy of. Therefore, the conversion rate is not the only reference for the selection of keywords, to consider the comprehensive, the ultimate goal of profit.

2, the keyword is used to match or match a wide range of

in the last keyword, it will allow us to choose the exact match or a wide range of matching. Precise matching means that when users search keywords only completely consistent with it, will be demonstrated, and extensive, is that users to search the contents of this contains your keywords, might be shown (in the operation of the process, found a key word is used widely, in time, creative advertising which contains the user search keywords will be displayed). For a keyword, exactly what is used to match with a wide range of precision matching, the author’s proposal is this: popular keywords with precise matching; long tail keywords do a wide range of matching.

hot words in Sem advertising on the competition will be more intense, if you are, you may spend a higher click price, but not very good, because the same price, accurate matching is to show in a wide range, >

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