The way to make money

the absolute highest amount of users browse the 5 network companies were AOL (AOL), Microsoft network, YAHOO, Lycos (Lekas) and [email protected] (happy at home). At the same time, they are one of the few profitable Internet companies in the United states. They have an obvious thing in common, that is, more than half of revenue from advertising and e-commerce.

YAHOO in 1997 began to profit, revenue mainly from advertising. YAHOO’s business model can draw three circles: a circle is the media information, so as to attract more users; a circle is a personalized service, such as chat rooms, electronic mail, audio communication, so as to prolong the residence time of the user; another is the circle of e-commerce, such as shopping, small business information, auction, classification the sale of demand information, to facilitate online transactions. In this way, users come to YAHOO, both to see the information, you can exchange, you can also buy things.

AOL for the acquisition of Time Warner and the world-famous AOL company, is the world’s largest Internet service providers and content providers. AOL content services are very rich, shopping, news, health, tourism, entertainment, etc.. Because of this, the average online time for AOL users has grown from 19 minutes a day in 1996 to about $64 a day in 2000. There is absolute absolute first visit to the United States, as well as the absolute length of the user online time, AOL’s online advertising and e-commerce revenue considerable.

Lycos development model is the acquisition of mergers and acquisitions, it acquired a number of network brands within two years, thus becoming the fourth u.s..

[email protected] to provide a broadband Internet service company, which makes home users as fast Internet access, and network access services to the rich, such as online news, personalized home page, online greeting cards etc.. 60% of its revenue comes from advertising revenue, and the other comes from access to the service.

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