Li Kaifu talk about entrepreneurship BAT is not only the head can be created

Abstract: Li Kaifu believes that to make BAT level, or drops, the United States mission level of the company, not the public entrepreneurship can shoot the head out. Don’t let the dream to do Tencent, Baidu and Ali, this is really not suitable for all people. Should be suitable for people to do the right thing, professional people to do professional things.


written Li Kaifu, do your homework more fully, more that it is difficult to write. Because this is an era of information so developed, just in the past 2015, he has made public speeches on various occasions, he communicated to the public and the amount of information related to entrepreneurship is sufficient. Understand, such as drinking rain; you do not understand, they do not understand.

but I still cherish this opportunity and open dialogue. In fact, the content of the interview is also in addition to some of my previous questions. Answer: as in the past his efficiency is all about dry cargo


we are the most understanding of industry experts

pan Jie: Innovation workshop from 2009 to the present has been established for 6 years, has undergone many changes. Some people say that from the 1 era has come to the era of the 3, from the initial investment and incubation of such a close to YC mode of operation, more and more like a professional VC agency. Why do you want to make this adjustment? Do you want to sort out the changes in the business model of innovation workshops over the past few years?

Li Kaifu: we are one of the earliest institutions angel, when we use the embedded depth of more incubation, very strong in ways to help young entrepreneurs, it is based on the business environment is still relatively early.

but in the past few years, domestic entrepreneurs to progress and grow very fast, the depth of the embedded model is no longer suitable for them; and is more suitable for a behind the scenes to help Angel + friends to help them; so we no longer do strong incubation, no longer do embedded. This is the 2 age. After the establishment of two years of transformation. This transformation will help us find more experienced entrepreneurs.


, with the further promotion of the entrepreneurial environment, continuous entrepreneurs more and more; strong BAT, so that entrepreneurs need to hold together, they need different industrial chain to help and support; and the rise of the domestic personal angel, now has 10 thousand individual angels, we are very willing to become friends with the 10 thousand person angel. Therefore, we are now positioning: willing to work with individual angels, to receive their next round of investment. We become archangels, or pre-A. We voted more money than before, such as the previous vote 2 million, now cast more than 20 million. This is 3.

: as you said, this change is not because you have encountered difficulties, but the environment changed?

Li Kaifu: yes. Because the environment and ecology change. But to show us

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