The amount of money from the media brush too Low 60 years ago grassroots writer 1 article 4 Mansion


from the media for RMB services for Tencent grilled underwear, but the good news is that the advertising industry Goldbach conjecture John Wanamaker finally got the answer, "I spent half the money is wasted, unfortunately, I do not know which half." Now you know.

but V ethics, soaring housing prices have a great responsibility.

6 square meters of housing price 150 thousand

pigeon cage actually because of low price of 880 thousand hot, how can the "home ownership" of the concept of grass roofs experiencethe Du Fu can shout out "with tens, world famous Great Jubilee to the land" famous, has fully exposed the "poor" of home for.


of most of today’s media people, buy a house with the payment is Arabian Nights, but this "ideal" as early as 60 years ago by the grassroots writer Liu Shaotang with a pen into reality, when he was in Beijing to buy a house and create a great sensation, also a perfunctory has spread like a decent "die for thirty thousand yuan the story of struggle"


Liu Su said to then prodigy, belonging to Hebei County created a series of "the Grande Canale literature" as the blueprint, 10 year old wrote five volumes of "long" journey to the West in 1951, never graduated from junior high school was transferred to the Hebei Department of Peking University Chinese Federation of literary and art circles, 1954 admission to study, go to school by his influence, published in 1955 the first novel "oars" canal, is the famous writer Sun Li’s disciple, in 1956 to join the writers, is the young writer China.

famous boy, is defiant, Liu Shaotang in 1956 to 1957 has been criticized, but as Zhou Yang said, "uppity" on the problem of "frequent fallacy", mainly because the life of the high-profile.

Liu Shaotang

good drink, drink often fantasy, a friend of the writer, with fellow Hebei Cong Weixi said, "if you can deposit thirty thousand yuan as the backing, interest enough food and clothing, the heart can dependably down, conditional to long-term in-depth life". Liu Zuo said, mainly because he and Cong Weixi was the Beijing youth writers do not get paid but only a few money in life, but what interests quite touch when the bogey, Mao Dun refers to his "serious bourgeois individualism", by Guo Moruo said scolded him, "the ten year old child prodigy, twenty year old genius thirty years old, forty years old but deadless mediocre". Scholars scorn each other. also stopped, really let Liu Shaotang become a target for all is his real money.

1956, Liu Xide, then in Beijing Xicheng District Guangming Hutong No. 45 north to find a no real courtyard, Zhongnanhai and the Imperial Palace house back, quite ancient gas, study is small, as long cage, but with a kitchen and a toilet and storage room, hospital and 5 of jujube tree tree, 5 trees, is spacious, the seller claims the value of 2000 yuan, at that time was also the frightful to the ear and Liu Shaotang does not bargain. So generous, naturally attracted reporters visit friends house, this courtyard has Beijing text >

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