Talk about the impact of the three core elements of the nternet blog development

with the development of technology, the blog market is more and more big, on a blog, money is not difficult, but how to better do blog to win more benefits also become difficult. The author according to their own development experience, the success or failure of all aspects to share ah, hope can give beginners some valuable experience and knowledge. You may have been told, ignore the details of important factors influence the development of blog is us. Here we introduced these three factors.

3. blog can improve the keywords optimization

rankings and are quickly included

often see webmaster colleagues everywhere outside the chain, this is for your own blog or website has a good ranking. Marketing and writing, is also a webmaster to write soft meat. And let the blog friends reproduced out, get the chain resources better. This is the same in all sites, the chain, the development of blog is half success. So, all the webmaster colleagues to make the chain construction, but on a blog, we should the chain resources construction of good quality, the blog traffic we have more significant effect.

1. good original is to restrict the

from the top view, want to do a website or blog really is not difficult, as long as we go, on the blog from the results, and get their desired results and rankings, is not a difficult thing, as long as you do, you can pay attention to details.

learned Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster colleagues know the importance of the chain. The chain is an important aspect of the station optimization, webmaster, can completely control. We want to build a good site and site, plays an important role in the optimization of the website keywords ranking chain. Do the site within the chain also need skills. You should know, now pay attention to this aspect of the owners are very few, most blogs don’t pay attention to this aspect, which is also an important reason for the blog ranking is not very ideal, so I hope you do this in the chain for your website or blog to bring better rankings.

said many webmaster colleagues in the original is difficult, but the search engine is the original love. The author of the blog is mostly original, rarely outstanding creative reprint of others, the blog is usually short, rarely longer, like the author’s blog registered second days will be included after all this love Shanghai, or continuously send original results. Your original is the basic guarantee to the sustainable development of the blog, the spider market even in his blog is to attract the spider to collect their own blog, so as to achieve what we want and desire ranking number included. A good blog is not only to the blog readers feedback, good way, also get traffic, so we have to do the chain.

share these, but also hope that we blog.

2. important factors affecting the development of Blog – chain

Within the chain

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