Share the whole process of Shanghai dragon orders and the actual operation of the

Shanghai Longfeng orders, for example, through the website, by Taobao, through the post, either way, the ultimate goal is to achieve business. So in the process and customer talk, to be honest, can not say all the words can do, can not make exorbitant demands, but to analyze specific issues, see the situation of competitors, look at the site itself of the status quo, to understand some of the space is stable and so on; in addition, if you know the website, you can receive extra a lot of business, because some customers have good keywords ranking, but they don’t understand, so we will make a dragon to help them do this, of course, is the best choice, because of their own website, the most clear, it is easy to optimize the price.

The last is to adjust >

is the first and customer communication. Communication is the most important, otherwise it will have a lot of differences, and even lead to business failure, the main communication content is keyword ranking scope, time, site permissions (including FTP), during the period of stability and so on, try to consider more details, or by the customer’s operating result affected site by accident, responsibility in the US, but the result will be affected.


Shanghai dragon orders experience

general Shanghai Longfeng actual operation process is similar, but different owners are still different, here to share with you our main steps:

There are many

. Many customers of the web site is very stable, especially the enterprise websites, but also in the design of the time there are many drawbacks, such as the use of pictures and Flash too much, not enough internal optimization and so on, then we will be in and customer communication, to ensure proper modifications under the premise of URL path, basic station optimization to do, this is very important, not only pay attention to the outside and ignore the site itself.

The second is the internal correction

then is to determine a reasonable way to optimize. Such as the soft, or forum, or Q-based promotion, each in different ways, the effect is different, although all want high quality links, all want quick, but is not able to get what you want, you should be good, because the optimal time is usually determined by a range so, you do have to be efficient. Our team is very clear division of labor, do only forum on the forum, blog on specific blog, write text on specific written text. The only way to be fast and efficient.

Shanghai Longfeng actual operation process of

Shanghai Longfeng for a long time, has been working in the company, later resigned after it began to build their own team to do full-time Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Today simply give orders Shanghai Longfeng experience, and the whole process of the operation late to share with you, I hope you all express the reasons, a lot of communication.

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