On the user experience for the website development

to do a website, you certainly want to profit, but to profit you will have to face the forwarding rate. The user experience is not good, the user will not help you to click on ads, membership fees, advertising, buying products, and the website is generally rely on these to profit. A website to have good development funds, funds rely on profits, may not have been investing in themselves. So Changsha forum to remind the owners of good user experience to improve the site’s conversion rate, high conversion rate is more profitable, a profit on.

site users to store the customer is the same, if users feel you this website is not good, there are other similar websites than your website looks comfortable, more simple operation, more practical, more availability, I believe that users would not come to your site, other sites. A site if the user does not stay, you will never want to develop good. In order to retain users, is bound to make the user experience.


to the web site on the site

‘s search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, good user experience can help you improve rankings. The user experience is not good, even if you are in the first page, the user once, will not enter second times, slowly you will reduce the amount of clicks, and this time the search engine will think you site user experience is not good, so users will naturally continue to click into. The user experience is bound to the bounce rate high, low loyalty, which is a standard to judge your search engine website user experience, there is your website name search times, user experience is good, old users in general is directly search your site name. The three point is that search engine is not good, even if your content and chain do good, often ranking is not very ideal. Some people say I do not rely on the web search engine to flow, I will develop good website, but the user experience is not good, the user will continue to develop your website how? This is to say the role of the site.

user experience of the word, more and more attention by the webmaster, also more and more time to be at the station to mention. What is a what kind of things, what is the role for the website development, simple to share with you today. First, we look at what is the user experience, user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. But for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, the user experience is the common through good design experiments to realize. He composed the brand, function, usability and the contents of four major factors, the lack of is not a good user experience. Then he said that role for website development, his role respectively in search engines and web users and the conversion rate of three.

, a user experience in the search engine to the web site

three, the user experience conversion rate of

two, the user experience on the site users on the website of the role of

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