How to do web content is seconds through a year’s time

in Shanghai Longfeng these years, has been in the reflection in the end do Shanghai Longfeng ultimately pursue what I think about this question: "how to do web content from the second through a year’s time?" this topic talk.

won the first impression after the goddess, you will have to start proving yourself, you and Andy Lau photo, people all know, luxury car luxury all high value of things to show up, this is the voting mechanism is the diversity of Shanghai dragon chain.

website optimization Shanghai dragon is like a love affair, had not set a good impression in front of the goddess, do not express, the goddess is not concentrate on us at the beginning, the only thing you can do is to let us look to the goddess.

A review of the

first stage: the first three months, the quality of the details of the optimization and do well in the station of the original article.

second stage, there is no fixed time, if the first phase of the daily release of original articles and more, in second months began to send the appropriate.


in addition, three months ago, to make sure the quality as much as possible, try to be original, in the love of Shanghai database, data from all walks of life are now saturated, if a new online publication, the low quality of the pseudo original or reproduced, love Shanghai will think this site is in the database a commonplace talk of an old scholar love Shanghai. Have enough, do not need to repeat, complement and innovation needs. Just imagine, if there are 100 boys in the common pursuit of a goddess, if the first 99 are said to the goddess Xiaoming and little red story, turn the last one, the same story, it is likely that she will accept the last

second stage: half a year before, start voting mechanism.

A5 article seconds at the same time, the basic rate of one hundred percent included. I recently in Shanghai Longfeng and self-learning network (Shanghai Longfeng ZXB) webmaster chat how to make the content of the website is the second problem, his website is also great, thanks to Lv Hangze head of the selfless sharing, combined with their own experience, I think it can be through the following points within a year do website content is seconds.

For example

in the beginning of the new station on the line, must step by step, do well in the station optimization, especially the details of Shanghai dragon, for example the flat link link, reasonable structure, no bad circulation, let the spider freely back and forth on the site, grab content conveniently, search engine can often visit the site, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng details, as we all know, I will not do, welcomed the exchange of.

Shanghai dragon at the beginning, I think Shanghai is the highest realm of dragon keywords difficult to love Shanghai home page ranking. With the accumulation of experience, I found that some websites not only search engine rankings, and extremely trust these sites, specifically in the website content is love Shanghai seconds, while the collection rate is extremely high, I think this has gone beyond the meaning of the Shanghai dragon ranking.

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