What is the point of pain in the public Entrepreneurship

At this year’s

NPC and CPPCC proposed to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. It can be seen that ordinary people will be more simple and convenient.

so why emphasize the promotion of public entrepreneurship?

cultivation and birth of economic and social development of the new power, the traditional economic growth momentum weakened, must intensify structural reforms, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the transformation of traditional engine, build a new engine.

on the one hand, to increase the supply of public goods and services, increase government investment in education, health, etc., to encourage social participation, improve the efficiency of supply. It can not only make up the short board, improve people’s livelihood, but also conducive to expanding demand and promote development.

on the other hand, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. This will not only expand employment, increase income, but also conducive to promoting social vertical mobility and fairness and justice.

China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, 900 million labor resources, people are hardworking and wisdom, there are endless creativity, a market thousands on thousands of cells active, will converge into huge kinetic energy development, must be able to withstand the downward pressure on the economy, let Chinese economy always full of vitality.


as an ordinary person, what is the starting point of entrepreneurship? How should we start


entrepreneurs pain points:

1, lack of funds

2, no technology

3, low education

4, no project

so how to solve these problems?

1, no money, you can find a zero investment or less investment projects. For example, since the media is basically no need for how much capital venture project is at most a yellow diamond, when people quickly fill a member; two is the derivative of chestnuts, and one does not need a lot of stockpile items, since the lack of funds to choose a few hundred to join or free to join. There are a lot of this. Chestnut three: looking for angel investors.

2, no technology, the use of leverage leveraging technology, using the technology of others. For example, micro service providers can help others number + micro Mall for their own promotion, for example you have their own projects, but the lack of a good platform and fans, you can to loose one city I can help you to promote their goods shelves forwarding information to all friends I use is like when a link consumption background will others through your forwarding to see is your promotion and the profit of ninety percent is you; two chestnuts: you don’t want to find their own goods without the platform can go in the passenger Beijing quack cattle, but you have to help customers to promote it to help fans quack powder you promote production turnover cattle to your brother commission.

3, no education, low academic qualifications is not a problem, low education does not mean that there is no ability to learn, insist on learning every day, see >

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