The weight of PK pseudo original copy the original article reprint inheritance

search engine will also think a good article is copied, the article readability good, good information should be promoted to let more people know, so to get the copy of original articles (the original weight weight inheritance will enhance). This news from the station on the most prominent manifestation, general news, a word constantly reproduced to hundreds of news stations also included soon, the ranking is also very good.


today we let them to PK, "pseudo original PK original copy", in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng tutorial with the new article pseudo original is preferred, can’t write the original article high quality original artifacts. This idea is now? "NO!" if you think of a pseudo original article, rather than simply copy it! Why? Continue to look down.

has recently seen many snapshots are dropped to 5 in March 24th, 9, after some fell to around April 1st, after an investigation on love Shanghai 5 and No. nine stages made a relatively large adjustment, the love of Shanghai on the original article also has a higher recognition, that is to say if you think change a word paragraph, add in front of, behind some even if the original, then you OUT. If you said a few years ago this sentence may still use a bit. The search engine also think out for so many years, you have to believe in his ability. The search engine algorithm will ultimately be to the user experience, pseudo original meaning for the user is not big, not because of carelessness with the original number of poor, the greatest significance to the search engine power can only be said to be more likely to develop a new recognition algorithm. Some people will say that love Shanghai spiders just a program, can not understand the meaning of the article. What do you like to learn to love the Shanghai promotion, advertising component of each word how much he can be calculated, and then decided to 10 or 3 (for the most part, there are also individual promotion is wrong, after all he is a step by step perfect).

then the business stop will not be like this, I do the experiment, I do online furniture enterprises directly from the HC copy furniture articles included soon, and friends of all stations, update the article from the official website of the complex.


many friends also feel in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng some boring, because of the need to keep the chain, update the article every day…… Love Shanghai, love the original things, write original articles have racked my brains, not on the collection of pseudo original articles to. Many are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng management station, even if false original is not enough time, then quickly get up. The love of Shanghai also included, so that the pseudo original is feasible and successful.

ability not love Shanghai, love of Shanghai today is mainly about how to assess copy to article, mentioned here a concept: "weight inheritance". What is the weight of the weight of the inheritance? Article reprint inheritance like grandpa has some good things will inherit to your father, your father will give you the same inheritance, you continue to give your son…

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