Webmaster understanding of user experience to keep pace with the times

now the user experience which contains

three, to have a small but very accurate internal links, but as far as possible between content and link, and in a more striking way marked out, help users understand more.

in the past, you may have an understanding of user experience is relatively simple, basically is the site has a good content, a clear navigation, not too annoying ads and so on. On the whole, then our understanding is mainly limited to the original high content and other aspects and did not give a high degree of concern. The love of Shanghai basically is only to look for the site of the original content, on the other hand may be because of technical limitations, perhaps because of the limitations of understanding, but also with the webmaster to similar views. So before we do not have to do too much to consider in this regard, the station as long as the content of it is done.

however, the pace of development of the Internet will never stop, love Shanghai algorithm also has been changed. More and more attention to the user experience, has even been advertised to the user experience as the only basis for ranking love Shanghai, is constantly changing its understanding of user experience. It can be said that now the user experience is not completely understood that before the webmaster, if you keep up with the trend, then your website can only be loved to abandon Shanghai tragedy. So, follow the trend, deepen their understanding of user experience is a must.

two, content to be able to meet the needs of users, to retain users, the best is a high degree of original articles, and collocation and the topic is consistent, or is a kind of annotation to the images, such illustrations complement each other page readability is very high, users and love very love the sea.

value of Shanghai?

, a clear navigation, and site structure is reasonable, the user can easily reach any one they want to browse the web, then instead of a bunch of links still can’t find, even lost in your website, only to exit your web site.

how to make the website to get a good ranking in the love of Shanghai there? If the problem is in the most simple way to answer, that is to the user experience of the website. The concept of user experience is mainly in recent years in the fire, but also because of the love of Shanghai extra attention this aspect. So, now have the user experience, what kind of user experience is to be loved and that the

content? When

I think, consider this problem the webmaster is probably less and less, although everybody to pay attention to the user experience, but more time is spent on the construction site of the chain and content. Users feel good, users love, it is a good user experience — that is too general and can not be accurately explained with the Shanghai love change, some change to the definition of user experience. Here I will simply talk to before and now the understanding of the user experience.

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