Why not take a WWW snapshot ranking good love Shanghai

is invalid? This paper consists of

recently found that most love Shanghai ranked in the "snapshot is not WWW, but we go from these snapshots, we will be surprised to find that these sites do a 301 redirect to the WWW domain name, why love Shanghai also shows a snapshot without www? Is a 301 redirect to love Shanghai

we can see these sites usually made outside the chain and in the chain is the WWW web site, whereas the WWW snapshot is not no ranking, but not with WWW but snapshot ranking, guess possibly those outside the chain of counterproductive, love hate those who spread outside the chain of the sea to. And we have recently found that the chain is now on the influence of the spider is not great, can be found on our website log, although many of you outside the chain, but the number of love visiting spiders in Shanghai have remained unchanged, as can be imagined rely on foreign chain of love Shanghai spider has not so high.

, another possibility is that Shanghai is interested in love let the webmaster know the effect of the chain is not so large, only pay attention to the content of the site itself is the only feasible way. Only let owners know their rectification direction, to make love Shanghai more and more high-quality content is displayed to the user. In the past two or three months, love Shanghai repeatedly updated website ranking algorithm, makes a lot of nothing, but love Shanghai is to purify the website content, website for those without substantial content, the user will be K unfavorable site station, the most serious is the medical industry, the content of plagiarism is very serious, but also the most injured. Therefore, we must pay attention to the content of the site itself update and writing, rather than spend so much time spamming chain, which is the future direction of the new Shanghai dragon in need of reform.


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first of all we want to know the 301 redirect is indeed is a web page automatically jump to the custom web site, and as there is no effect on the love of Shanghai, before is definitely yes, because the previous love Shanghai snapshot shows are 301 redirection custom URLs, so before the 301 redirect is effective, but the recent love jump update the Shanghai algorithm constantly, is likely to be caused by the error of the database. In Figure 1, we can see from the picture that these sites do a 301 redirect.

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