The website of Shanghai dragon how to do the long tail word ranking

(3) is the long tail keywords we do the page, his layout is reasonable. For example, the use of H tags such as his bread crumbs, the path is clear, the path is reasonable to allow the user to see the results. This is a key.

this is what we need in the long tail word ranking from the tree structure and Pyramid site keywords to see our website structure relationship. See is not have this advantage. So through our website will pass a certain weight.

page can have good rankings, the first decision point about structure factors. Then comes to the problem of page value. The page value is divided into two parts.

two, long tail keywords page value.


example: Shanghai dragon Research Center – FAQs – how to do Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search

Pyramid, Shanghai dragon tree topology, a web site by the long tail word, the target word, brand word progressive mode. It can be said that there is a brand word into a tree structure, the target word and the long tail word pattern. So we want to do the long tail word ranking. One of the factors we have to consider the page frame you. How to make the page value. Home to the big entrance vote. This is the deciding factor. But precisely because of these factors. I want to tell you. How should we build a thinking to transfer weight to achieve a better ranking of the long tail word to make the page frame better.

a QQ group friends today sent me a message "how to do long tail keywords ranked the fastest to see the effect". Suddenly I do not know how to answer. But I have to go up in Shanghai Longfeng work and learning the teacher talked about the knowledge points in Shanghai Longfeng system research center. To sum up the long tail word to share my understanding of how to do

we want to do a good job in this post tail word. We have to consider a factor,

What is the

station and channel a degree of 1, based on the related content. For example, many sites are obviously doing the treadmill sales website >

(1) our website brand word ranking, and page update frequency and ranking. You know home is the highest traffic entrance. So only the front page flow. Then the page is recommended in the home page or inside the entrance channel. We have to transfer the weight function. So for the long tail keyword ranking is the auxiliary function.


(2) we do in the common problems of Shanghai Longfeng research center in his version, and his home entrance area included and ranking. This page will have passed the channel weight value.

first of all I want to say is the first point of view: Shanghai dragon in Pyramid, the phenomenon of tree topology.

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