How to open up a new road on the line after the Shanghai dragon pomegranate algorithm

algorithm is mainly for the content of this adjustment, so, we should start from this content. So, what kind of content is consistent with the spider’s "appetite", maybe a lot of people will encounter this problem, obviously he every day to update the original article, lovely Shanghai just not included my article. Here, I would like to ask, do you have a careful analysis of their own content? Some people even just to cope with the addition of a few articles of the article, although the original, but without considering the content and the correlation between the degree of attraction. If you have an article, a long and minute statement an entire page, readers do not know to say.



from this point clearly in love with sea in order to improve the user experience, and constantly improve their own algorithms, reduce Internet spam there. The algorithm of the update, so many people are happy, because the algorithm clearly pointed out that to contain a large number of low quality pop ads, and a lot of confusion page page algorithm main content spam upgrade. However, or a large number of webmaster for the renewal of the algorithm have a strong dissatisfaction, but always speaking, low quality information, spam is not recognized by the users.

website optimizationSince

for this reason, the author can’t help published emotion, how to open up a new road on the line after the Shanghai dragon pomegranate algorithm:

as the saying goes, "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan", any one group, if you do not have a reasonable management plan, the group will be eliminated by the society. As Shanghai dragon industry so we also believe you, Shanghai dragon Er have the experience, so the Shanghai dragon alone is no longer the ranking, flow, but it all boils down to the user experience, there is a higher transformation which is the ultimate goal of the Shanghai dragon.

algorithm has said very clearly, the low quality of the page will not be optimistic about the search engine, and the structure of a web page in the search engine will directly affect the position of. Since low quality affects the page search spiders crawl, then why not optimize page quality. Since the window advertising is unusable, why not immediately it removed the website. We always want to know, everything we do is user centric, not just for just a few key words can be routed to the Shanghai love home, there is a certain IP site every day, if only in the thinking of it, then, Shanghai dragon will become meaningless.

1. web page structure optimization

Shanghai dragon industry today, any search engine algorithm updates directly affects every webmaster heart, mid May on the line "pomegranate algorithm" surely you have to keep in mind. Love Shanghai official said: "all the time, we continue to provide the best quality direct information for the user in principle, continuous optimization, upgrade system. The protection of high-quality pages and suppressed the low quality page is always used in two ways."

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