Website optimization personnel need to pay attention to the details of the site

third, 404 pages of the website set. For any website, revision will certainly left a lot of problems, often can not guarantee the estimation of all major revision URL can normally access, then an appropriate 404 page is very necessary. We must be made through the DW 404 pages, after uploaded to the web space, login to your virtual host management platform, you have to find 404 pages in the host, set 404 page place (usually the error page cannot be accessed) like this prompt, correct fill in the 404 page address. Here the author illustrate.

We know that in the process of

Website Optimization Website many details of the adjustment is very necessary, I suggest not to cannot but we’d better not for the site of major surgery. But a lot of times and often counterproductive, the development and expansion of the company, the website also needs upgrade, site layout can not keep pace with the times, the boss will be required for the website re revision, in this case, we should optimize the staff as a website how to pay attention to the details of the process of


second, must do 301 redirect site settings for the web site. We know the website URL pathway spider visit our website, once the website will have been many love Shanghai search engine included the original URL will not be able to access the link. The negative effects caused by this situation for the spider is very great, the author emphasizes here, not to cannot but, don’t change the URL, otherwise the new URL is a new page, but also the old URL in the search engine database, will be repeated as pages, page copy, repeat page is a lot of incentives to drop the right as a qualified webmaster we must pay attention to details. Here is how we handle it? In fact is that we often do, we need for the website main page includes the column page, bring more search traffic, there are more content pages outside the chain page. 301 redirect, a lot of space does not support URL rewriting, if you cannot use the URL rewrite module and regular expressions for the entire station 301 orientation, at least to artificial pick out these important pages do 301 directional.


first, be familiar with the website backstage data especially website database backup. We know that the site before the revision for web based data backup is necessary, as a webmaster we used many open source cms such as Dede, generally we need backup the htdocs/data/backupdata folder database files to backup in the process of revision, the images folder is all we need even if the backup is in before the revision, the data is the lifeblood of the site, is also the site of the root, the external interface we can make only superficial changes but the basic data must be carefully handled.

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