Love Shanghai search again right grad

love Shanghai the right to change the grad

at the end of 2012, changed the right position to promote love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been claimed to attach great importance to the user experience, are standing on the perspective of the user experience, but in this case, the author did not see the user moves a burst of applause, what is the


love Shanghai encyclopedia and others also found I will not say, because many webmaster friends are very familiar with. For the right side ranked first, the author is very curious, after the point into the site to see the Shanghai bridge on the right side of love, seem to understand what. Love and love of Shanghai maritime households with the launch of the official, the change is a little bit of humanity, the product classification take illustrated form, the advantages of links shown below.

June 24, 2013, Shanghai changed again on the right side of love. Before talking about change, the author in the article "love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of so really?" some problems about love, Shanghai is still not the slightest change, regardless of whether the login account, did not show love to protect the rights and interests of Shanghai to remind, talk to here, I feel.

and related enterprises recommended here, the author is a bit confusing, the 3 are 2 brand words and pictures, the first brand logo. Click on the first, the brand in Shanghai sex brand promotion, but the middle one and no brand promotion, search related.

love Shanghai right at the beginning of an uproar,

from the last 6.28 love Shanghai large area K station, to link the end to remind, love Shanghai right left, by the beginning of this year to Scindapsus algorithm, the algorithm of pomegranate, and then to today’s original spark program, Shanghai dragon road is narrower. Just so there is no what to say, but the love of Shanghai at the end of last year on the right side of the promotion to the left and right side, recently took an unexpected change, which makes us this group of Shanghai dragon too much to handle

back to the point, then the right, the author uses 360 speed browser, search for "love Shanghai found water purifier", in order to promote display on the right side is above the certain brand promotion, love Shanghai Illustrated Encyclopedia, relevant enterprises, other people also found that some big things.

in 1366*768 resolution, the position of the left shift is quite obvious, what to say to improve the user experience are nonsense, advertising to see is a strong push to the user. Love Shanghai love Shanghai for promotion is the main source of income, but what is the love of Shanghai customers forcing move, still in love with the sea unilateral pursuit of the interests of the individual, that is in love with the sea alone. Because of the strong push advertising, although get ahead in the show, but it does not matter on the transformation brings is scanty.



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