Keywords the option value is the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization



Shanghai, in the final analysis is to create the greatest value for the enterprise or the customer, its typical characteristic is the flow of precision and low cost. How to create the maximum value, the search engine traffic into RMB, Shanghai Longfeng engineering problems, not involved in the field is very broad, not elaborate here. But the most important is the choice and grasp of the market, the technical level is specific to the keyword selection problem. By what kind of keywords, let us use the least energy and financial resources to maximize the transfer of interests is a very worthy of study.

I give you two of the most common examples, a positive, for your reference.

two years ago has firmly occupied "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon" before three, but every day to flow is only more than two dozen? Less consulting. In fact, the fine analysis knew that this traffic is more competitors, and some novice, this kind of words by watching others website and on its website every day, without any value at all. The funny thing is that the first twenty pages — look at the head broken and bleeding such words were dispute, is Shanghai dragon service website of choice domain arrangement, apparently are competing for the word, who like to first who will be able to get all of Shenzhen Shanghai dragon market. Just yesterday, there is a city where the kid Q me to show off he put the three line of the city’s XX+ Shanghai Longfeng do first really dumbfounding.

, is a relatively popular online money in recent years, particularly hot, for some network promotion based webmaster, earn "

A friend of the

knowledge is really easy to get, if they take a look at a few times "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", the basic knowledge of the search engine will learn pretty close. But Shanghai Longfeng level also is indeed high, some Shanghai dragon Er salary value of twenty thousand, some Shanghai dragon Er per month to two thousand are redundant, it is affected by the use of knowledge and experience accumulation, which are also determined by individual thinking.

in a way, this is a good thing, Shanghai Longfeng gained knowledge of an enterprise, the market is thriving in the development. But on the other hand, these effects, webmasters like by some training blindly, never look at this type of keywords if there is commercial value.

is also 35 years ago, "Shanghai City + dragon and phoenix", the combination of key quietly appeared in the network, it is also in recent years, around the Shanghai dragon er or show their talent, or want to compete for the network to promote the local market, in terms of this kind. Foot work. First-tier cities have fought bitterly, second tier city is basically saturated, the three line of the city is slowly catching up.

Shanghai dragon

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