The contents of the emperor how to make web content strategy

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this is the test contest page, if the site to host the next contest, the only need to slightly change the template content.

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try to make each content effectively for a long time. Our site content should be long, has long attracted traffic and users. If our content is only suitable for a specific period of time, such as the SARS period, the content of the period search volume would drop 0 or the content search, there is no commercial value what. Of course, for a specific period of the content is to attract some users can, after all at that time, but not too much.




content of the long-term

is the one and only original, we must ensure that a certain amount of original. No matter what type of website is original, the original station can attract the spider crawling, love Shanghai included, so as to improve the weight of the rankings. A big event will cause a lot of people’s attention. For example, some time ago love Shanghai K station, this time we need fast, our website should be first released for this purpose. There are some commercial websites at the same time jointly organized activities, around the valuable news, we came out in front of others, can be regarded as the main source of increased opportunities. Even if the content takes only a few hours, may also help us beat rival search website.

sometimes, the lack of site can be connected, this is the title on Shanghai Longfeng resources and creativity to solve. Create good content is not boundless, we will be hampered by their own corporate culture, it is difficult to develop the link, this is another problem. To enhance the website weight, improve the quality of the content, we must develop a good content strategy.

content of repeatability and scalability of

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website to put what content, how to attract traffic and users, mainly to see the market needs and user psychology. The content of our website according to user needs to design. Put yourself in the user’s point of view, their own ideas into the site to see what. Generally speaking, about the company’s business projects, have done cases are of interest to the user, so the figure shown in our website, the content of the website must include the user required. Such as Shengde network technology this website.

some commercial websites often organize activities, we can put the contents of module design are repeated. Activities require different innovation direction and activity rules, but you can use the same page template and voting technology. For example, a point to open the site of the contest page, directly into the activities, activities we can consider setting the navigation module can be reused, the next event will not have what will start again.

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