Case analysis of website drop right to recovery process

2, site and domain are not in the first place.

above is the Shanghai striker to update the love of Shanghai Longfeng a "growth ceremony, here to share with you.


. Your site is too good, by peer report. The ranking was too cattle, love Shanghai coveted the salesman. These are speculation, it is the cup. Feel this is unlikely.

6, improve website content quality. If you have been doing before the pseudo original, then do some original content, improve the quality of website content.

analysis of

website1, check the

site is down right, you can not hurry, wait for the search engine recovery; also can not be too, three and five days for various modifications. We should first reason may lead to drop right are analyzed, and then try to edge optimization strategy for tracking observation.

5, check the import link here, including Links and external links. Check Links, put those right down suspected Links and decisive delete, strictly control the quality of Links. Check the external links, to see whether the fluctuation, and check the universality and diversity, etc..

3, check the last 15 days of spider access logs, to see whether there is creeping or crawling wrong obstacles. Take a look at the love Shanghai number of spider crawling is normal, and then look at the crawling status code is normal. If there are mistakes in 301 or 302 redirect, appear a large number of 404 pages.

1, website snapshot fluctuation is normal for a check for a check is a snapshot snapshot, tuidang.


this Monday ushered in a love Shanghai love right down, Shanghai daily traffic from 5000ip straight down to 100ip, which allows a striker of Shanghai dragon cannot hold, but still want to restrain cannot hold the heart, careful analysis of the site. Today the site keywords ranking has been restored, and share the ups and downs.

3, keywords ranking disappeared, even find a search site name to flow down to 0.

2, in about 15 days of operation optimization recently, see whether cheating. Whether you are cheating, most clearly, if there is cheating, please stop.

The 7, artificial

4, the past 15 days around the site to change the record. What is the structure of the website or website changes? What is the error modified? Or website which adds function and so on. And these changes have led to some mistakes, such as dead link. And check the station link, to see if there is no wrong link.

server. See if the server changed, if you are not independent of IP, it also check other sites below IP are punished, and hurt your site.

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