Shanghai Longfeng how practitioners to the enterprise orders

enterprise clients for most local enterprises, but also it can face-to-face communication, easier to sign. Your client is determined, through their own enterprise website, Shanghai dragon blog, it is very easy to win the approval of enterprises. Do the website keywords, waiting for customers to come to you all.

today, incentive for many industries, Shanghai dragon competition. For example, wedding photography industry. This industry in various regions, provinces and cities have a large number of competitors, do the bidding, do the number of Shanghai dragon. Industry of Shanghai dragon has enough attention. As Shanghai dragon ser, actually need not avoid the red sea. Search the local wedding photography, which is not found in the home page, or a new web site. The direct contact, how to explain your purpose is more relaxed, let him see what their competitors are doing, so the turnover rate is very high.

Take the initiative to find the target customer platformShanghai dragon

quiz platform

Q & a platform is a stream of great place, we leave here some contact, we leave the case, can be a very good driving site credibility, can also direct access to customer resources.

will tell you that today, how to receive their own business in Shanghai dragon.

1. through its own

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng business is very normal in Shanghai Longfeng work, first, the market is now very popular, many enterprises and traditional enterprises have realized the direct benefits brought by Shanghai dragon; secondly, enterprises take a single high profit, general keywords ranking is relatively easy to make up, ranking up 2000-5000 charge, then the monthly maintenance costs. Some of my friends can meet a few single monthly maintenance, every year, a one-time fee is twenty thousand yuan. Can think, here is very generous profits.


actually I don’t quite agree with the above approach, I say not to build a website or blog, because most of the potential customers still not to search for such as "XX Shanghai dragon" and other words, these words are Shanghai dragon within the industry to communicate with. In the face of Shanghai dragon enterprise customers take the initiative. From the following several aspects.

(3) to establish their own authority and reputation


(2) through the target keywords, find customers


now do Shanghai Longfeng professionals to no longer scarce in that way before, numerous training institutions out of another batch of Shanghai dragon er. Here do not say first how the professional level of Shanghai dragon er. Just so many people, want to eat mixed in Shanghai Longfeng industry, will have to find a way.

we don’t gain good reputation in the domestic Internet, only.

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