Please stay away from the Shanghai dragon new learning forum


other forums we regardless, we will say the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, I believe we all know there are some particularity, Shanghai Longfeng based forum now has become increasingly stale, everyone reproduced the contents of a large number of to do outside the chain, regardless of whether the content is true, without any discrimination, cause a large number of redundant information and false, some false information with my encounter, have been reproduced, a good point, said that Google PR cancel out, finally check is an article a few years ago on YAHOO. These false news is a study of love Shanghai algorithm concept, write very long, love Shanghai more weight piece, which slowly familiar to ignore his right, but that is, N people think technical posts, I found at the beginning of last year to the investigation.

Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, with large and small lot of Shanghai Longfeng forum, forum, forum to see a lot of ups and downs, I also had several years of operation and forum on the topic, I think I have a right to speak, at least I think this is what.

car audio 贵族宝贝jyfulian贵族宝贝 original starting A5, please keep the link.


forum, information gathering

3, please stay away from the new learning forum

The The history of the development of the in the forum, slowly taste

in the forum, all kinds of flowers with wooden posts is It is often seen. especially for Shanghai, dragon industry, pseudo original algorithm is unknown and meet the eye everywhere, their affairs, these posts may seem reasonable, but really justified or false sense is often confusing. Bianwei forum for the chain and alive, redundant information is more and more, new learning time cost is very high, so I suggest learning new Shanghai dragon, or the first from the forum, choose a few good books, see the official documentation, or read some information. The article, through the editor to review the content, it has been enough to practice, and some of their own experience through practice can live forum, you vulnerable.

forum I do not believe in love now, Shanghai Encyclopedia has a complete description, the emergence of the forum is an epoch-making product, as of now micro-blog does make people excited, theory: discussion, discussion, altar: place, together, literally from the forum is the topic of discussion together, the collision of thought aroused the spark of wisdom, this is the initial forum, reason is that we love this product.

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