Some analysis on their website weight is not high

Since a web site called "

is the personal site, choose a good space on the Internet is not really easy, no good and cheap things, stick to now, for a total of three times, each link in the web site had problems such as the domain name, IP address space security, network security, replacement of the station, have caused the site isn’t open, so the engine cannot get the information from the website, for a long time, the engine also thought my website is not done for several weeks and would not come, also removed a lot of the original included page.

third should belong to the internal: website content is too similar, too few original

said my website is congenitally deficient in this regard, this site is converted from an old site of the original domain name changed, but many have been included in the content I move over wholly intact. Secondly, since the beginning of learning website, is often a change here, a little change there, there are even a few times from the home page to the content page all changed. To be honest, the engine can’t even recognize me this "whole volume" website. There is a website, web page title and page title, I have been a number of changes, only now realized that the relevant planning website at the beginning of the construction should be to optimize the site, title and other related content should be determined as soon as possible. Of course, now the site of modification, I always try to pull the time interval. Style on the move as little as possible, and generates a page part to handle.

and I are now in the hands of the work and do a document No. eight" was built in 2007, completed, flow has been, sometimes love Shanghai well, included quantity does not increase, sometimes included in the amount added, but the ranking has dropped, because the original is your work needs and not too concerned about, only in the online search to something useful, he added. But recently around the webmaster forums, learned a little bit of knowledge in this area, they found that the website can do better, but they did not notice it, try to control it, found the reasons for their site weight is not high may have the following several aspects, try to analyze the master, do not be laughed at;

at the beginning, Pastebin good, thought content is too small, the less people, so sometimes at night will be used to collect.

as a webmaster, actually the most concerned about is the website weight and user acceptance, the website weight is the search engine to the site (including web pages) to give some authority value, as an ordinary personal website, website weight is higher, the share in the search engine’s weight is larger, the search engine rankings is better, and for rely on search engines to live the sites, high weight in the search engine ranking is higher, it is self-evident that ZhengZhan flow, so increasing the weight of the website is to improve the search engine on the web of trust, it is important that.

second mishap: space is not stable, and several changes of


first mishap: website often revised, page titles often change;

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