Said the reason analysis of website of Shanghai Longfeng theory according to the

station do experiment


logical inference

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from the search engine

but why can Shanghai dragon has so many changes and pursued? For many websites use the right strategy of Shanghai Longfeng will occur after the matter personally think that there is reasonable?. Shanghai Longfeng existence and development momentum so quickly with good reason, in a broad sense, it naturally has the reason and basis. Today the share is a reason analysis of the theory of Shanghai Longfeng based, hope to inspire you.

statistics and observation of their

a lot of statistics and observation can not draw accurate conclusions, but from a web site to do a summary of most certainly find some rules, such as a front of the key words to do the statistics, look at the factors that affect the keyword ranking, such as keyword density, the use of tags, external links and internal links are focused on the law. If you look at the top ten "and" ninety to one hundred differences will get some conclusions, these conclusions will be suitable for most sites, with reference to the meaning, but for some sites may not be suitable for. In addition, statistics and observation site cannot only see a single factor, sometimes a factor score is not high, the B factor score is high, it will have a good ranking.

station experiment is one of the more reliable method, can be under control for a variable change, it can clearly observe effects of a result of the rankings. Keywords such as position or label on the influence of the ranking, if the test label can proceed from the same two sites, to ensure two sites are all the same, let one of the words written on the H label, and another not write, so the conclusion is more convincing, but the need to establish on the basis of certain time.

Shanghai dragon in China is more and more fire, more and more people begin to contact and learn Shanghai dragon. There are also some people asked the Shanghai dragon in the end there is no theory support? In fact, strictly speaking, Shanghai dragon is no real theoretical basis, but it’s really there and make a lot of people believe. Shanghai dragon is not like a thing of astronomical or objective existence, only for several search engines set up by the algorithm, and their algorithms are often modified to go.

many search engine internal engineers will have their own blog, also can have the members of the official representative to answer questions on the forum, there will also be some annual activities; in addition, love Shanghai, noble and YAHOO are baby will provide regular site quality guidelines as a reference, from the reference can obviously get some answers. For example, "how could more easily be included, which will be punished. But the argument is a general statement, there is no strict description of a detail, after all the details of things belonging to the company confidential.

common sense

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