The four basic skills of qualified Shanghai dragon possessed by ER

do the webmaster each is not easy, because the site needs to be optimized, promotion, maintenance, update, analysis and so on various issues need to be resolved, but also for personal webmaster, it is every day to do things. In the enjoyment of this title more than the webmaster, let’s take a look at how the analysis is qualified in Shanghai dragon Er, which needs what ability? What about today I qualified Shanghai dragon Er need capacity:

unremittingly spirit of

entered the ranks of each stationmaster friends first need to ask yourself can not stick to it. Can be for understanding can also be of interest to the other can of course, but the most important is to stick. After all, whether it is website optimization and website promotion, I haven’t seen can do today tomorrow can have millions of traffic to the website, maybe some websites can become famous overnight, but.


as a webmaster, we need to deal with the site every day to do, and every webmaster hands are not only a website from scratch, then qualified in the establishment of new Shanghai dragon Er, has a unique way to choose the key words. Many owners choose keywords is through love Shanghai index, search, drop-down box to choose the three, actually you through such methods as others, such as you directly to the other keywords a copy, originally not competition, after several Shijibai together copies of nature is not competition also going up. So, for the owners to quickly improve their website traffic, improve website ranking so it is necessary to find another clever routing keywords, which of course needs webmaster development thinking, the best choice of the key word method different from others, naturally occurring keywords will be different, such as the Shanghai love related search with others, we can use love Shanghai, Google Webmaster Tools promotion background. So, the choice of keywords is a fundamental skill qualified Shanghai dragon should have er.

website data analysis


this is one of the ability of each Shanghai Longfeng workers must have, because the data analysis for site optimization promotion is the importance of website ranking relationship with the size of the flow. How to identify yourself is not a qualified Shanghai dragon, first by summarizing their own data analysis ability. As for the data analysis ability mainly includes the website user experience is good, style, Website Statistics website ranking is stable or not, there are various websites, need staff Shanghai Longfeng with data analysis capabilities, and to determine whether a site operation should also know by data analysis to ah. For example, you are now using the method of website promotion, how to know how to effect their promotion methods? Need to extend the analysis results of data to know. So for the qualified Shanghai dragon Er, data analysis ability is indispensable.

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