Shopex Shanghai Longfeng mall site optimization experience sharing

As we all know shopex system backstage website article and each commodity pages are provided with separate title label production operation system shopex mall site owners

Disallow: /*php*

Disallow: /gallery-_*

Disallow: /gallery-*-*

Disallow: /gallery–*

parameters of URL shopex mall system will produce a lot of product list page, but the page’s title tag is exactly the same as that of site. There are many search engines that will find similar pages, it must work to optimize the product list page of the inconvenience. How do the webmaster has been given a solution, the search engine included unrelated pages blocked by robots, robots written below:

Disallow: /artli>

Disallow: /comment*


Disallow: /template/

shopex online store system should is the most used online store system, has the advantages of simple operation, template rich, convenient payment interface, very suitable for lack of funds or technology poor webmaster, of course the disadvantages is very obvious, is an open source, certainly not be able to do not open Shanghai dragon optimization.

Disallow: /*sellog

banned included extra pagesThe changes of Title

User-agent: *


Disallow: /install/

chain, keyword layout, such as optimization of the update here but more narrative, this article has a lot of the way cattle expert A5. The following describes the shopex mall site frequently encountered some optimization solutions to the problems of Shanghai Dragon:


, we will make every article and each commodity well differentiated title tags, search engine to meet the freshness of some shopex users are complaining about, why commodity page not included, but the biggest reason is that your product page is too similar. The same merchandise page head and the bottom of your left side, are usually the classification of goods and the recent browse merchandise plate, if your product details plate no new content words, search engine is absolutely not included.

Disallow: /

, a label and the difference of differentiation of the product page content

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