The latest update of the Shanghai love algorithm to improve the weight

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link to the right, including the chain within the chain and put right right.

(a), an increasing proportion of the chain occupied by smaller, pure chain is not possible to do a good job ranking. If your home page keyword ranking did not enter the top 20, then you are still ranking keywords. In the top 20 is medium, then the final home is not just your keywords, long tail keywords other also have a good ranking is going late.

1, lifting weight is what

chain is important but don’t spend too much time. If you want to spend a lot of time to do the chain, you just do the work of Shanghai, a very small proportion.

(two), do you have such experience: your web page ranking is very good, but the long tail keywords inside pages are ranked effect is not good, this is why? The reason is the chain system you do not niubi.

some people say that you can buy the chain, so to save time, but I do not recommend buying the chain, the chain to buy the probability of lost, and considered suspected of cheating particularly.

did not enter the top 20 in your time, the role of the chain is to play a role, but when in the top 20, enter the user experience period, the role of the chain is not big.

actually love Shanghai also has its own internal chain system, when you search for a keyword, is not a "search" at the bottom of the chain, this is the love of Shanghai, within the chain to solve the user’s demand to a certain extent. Another example is the car home bottom is arranged in such a way "you can also browse". In fact, love and Shanghai is exactly the same, this is more humane care.

2014 love Shanghai latest update algorithm, which in the end is what secret? Don’t ask: Yuan Fang, how do you see? Yuan Fang is not a solution, or Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon Jia Guangcai blog to tell you the secret, carefully to experience the taste, you will take a lot less detours, let your website ranking quickly and easily.

? The first step of

now a source of high weight links: Links chain, which can solve the problems of the previous 60% keyword ranking. The remaining 40% we can use a few tips to solve. But Links has a disadvantage: right down implicated and dishonest. If someone with a black hat Shanghai dragon punishment will be linked to your right to be reduced; the other one is the others are not good, Links when you exchange links to others, and others of your links do not tell you off after a few days. You give to others to improve the weight, while others are for you without any contribution.

for new sites and low weight site to do? Link right right is the most basic and important, of course, important. But do link right for? As you build a building built on the foundation of the building, every day is not.

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