The website keyword selection and analysis skills and experience to share

" Web site keywords " the word, for every webmaster is not strange, we all know the importance of it on the site. The first challenge is faced by every webmaster in at the beginning of the site. For a website, reasonable keywords has immeasurable effects on the website ranking, the first step is the website optimization. The website keyword will directly affect the quality of the whole site post optimization and ranking. So we must be careful to choose. So we should how to determine and choose the

1, Shanghai (index.baidu贵族宝贝), love index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention! It trend reflects the image of the key words every day.

and web site keywords to priorities, which should be set for different types of Web site keywords, keywords can be divided into the following:

3, noble baby webmaster tools (a baby Webmaster Tools) is a free web display rate of detailed reports a webmaster online management platform in the noble baby, let the webmaster can query this site in the Goole index and ranking.

first of all, should learn to analyze keywords by keywords mining tools, concludes with the theme of the web site keywords. I also recommend several commonly used tools: I

2, love Shanghai Search Ranking (top.baidu贵族宝贝), real time to update the current users are most concerned about, the search content and the most popular topic, to ensure that users pay attention to fast and convenient way of interest on their popular content.

4, webmaster tools (tool.chinaz贵族宝贝) provide keyword mining, can exposure keyword love Shanghai index, and the statistics of the keyword ranking a website.

2, learn to set relevant keywords, this is not difficult to understand, because the engine to provide a reference. Love Shanghai, YAHOO, Google have related search >

website keywords?

, for example, your site is Taobao customers, then your core keyword is not a good choice for " Tmall ", "Taobao", "mall" and other popular keywords, don’t set similar to the "health", "science", "movies" not related keywords.

1, the website core keywords, keywords should avoid overheating, because many popular keywords have been some authoritative site or love Shanghai bidding monopoly, avoid overheating keywords to help Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion. Besides the core keywords is to accord with the theme of the site, to avoid the "grotesque" keyword. Because even if the key words do go up, but the user to your site, but can not find him to the content or information, then the user will immediately shut down the site, the user experience is poor.

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