Don’t underestimate the door to door service door to help foot master a monthly salary of over a mi

lead: according to founder Li Zhiyong introduction, "to help" master a monthly income of 15 thousand or even 20 thousand, are very normal.

suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of million for O2O. O2O is such a fire, and which industry do not feel the door? Manicure, home beauty, home wash…… Now, the door is full. In January this year officially launched the "App home help provide door-to-door service is full. In this platform, the user can select the foot massage, massage and other services, can also direct booking master, waiting for the master site service. App, WeChat, the phone can be placed under three channels.

"site founder Li Zhiyong Gang" has four respectively more than 2 thousand square meters for restaurant health club in Beijing, club includes Chinese massage, foot massage, SPA and other health projects, so the store experience under the line of business for many years. He stressed that the home help services, but not the foot, foot SPA. Experience the home help Service Vice President of entrepreneur investment tide, could not help but made a circle of friends also praised, for several exclamation mark: home to enjoy SPA, feel great! Come to ask what their experience?!!!

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" from Thailand embarrassed

a little chat, we know that Li Zhiyong is a very frustrating entrepreneurs. Li Zhiyong graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology, majored in military vehicles, popular speak, "tank"; when reading as a monitor as the Minister of students, then the research, then stayed as a counselor, then start a business. When still in graduate school, he founded his first company, using computer simulation technology to do the construction effect of 3D animation graph, also do decoration design, to earn a pot of gold of life. Because of the feeling of the teahouse is laughing with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros ", the founder of the game teahouse.

now, the door to help is the beginning of a new venture Li Zhiyong project. He said, although have already seen O2O momentum, but really let him feel the charm of O2O, is e-drive. "E-Drive data shocked me, master E-Drive platform every day to pay 150 yuan, ten thousand per day is 1 million 500 thousand, master the market is too terrible." He immediately thought of his game teahouse: is also O2O can do provide door-to-door service


so Li Zhiyong made a brief survey of the health O2O the market? It startled: the 30 million people engaged in massage, foot massage is also engaged in a conservative estimate of 12 million, "if we develop 1 million foot master in our platform, per person per day charge a $100 fee so, every day will produce one hundred million of the income of the market is too great." In addition, there is the elderly market, not only can do

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