How to smooth through the four periods of the website ranking

this stage is mostly in the railway station is the love of Shanghai included more than one year, of course, what I said is the result of the above three stages and to maintain the stability of the site, Congratulations, your website ranking has entered a stable period, during this period, the website ranking occasionally there will be a slight degree of turbulence, but the relationship is not, now to dear webmaster friends, you harvest to you, "

2. new weighting

ranked 4. in stable

this period should be two to five months after the new sites was collected during this period, Shanghai will give special love weight, keywords ranking is OK, this is called weight is search engine of a welfare to the railway station, is a word of this period we should pay attention to: stability can smoothly spend! A phase depends on the frequency of updates at the present stage, the quality of the content and quality of the chain, this time you don’t See rankings happy not know that is what, don’t cheat with stable or is fluky psychology to do group or collection of pseudo original, this period is very important for


this period should be the new after being loved in Shanghai included five months to a year. During this period, the website ranking fluctuated, but some high quality sites or sites with low degree of competition may be directly through this period and into the next stage, the vast majority of the site to go through this stage, questions in the webmaster forum is also most at this stage in the website, because the ranking is not stable, resulting in the webmaster heart will follow the site’s ranking fluctuated, explaining that is disturbed by a word. There are often Adsense will meet the drop, not updated snapshot or correction and so on, anxious ah, a look at the ranking drop in speculation that the chain is not strong enough ah, updated less ah and so on, so it has reached some webmaster cause at the use of cheating means to enhance the ranking purpose, but often the last to station K is ending. This stage is very difficult, here to our webmaster a bit of advice: if the heart calm Bingqing stay calm, update the contents of high quality and high quality external links as in the past, you will succeed!


according to the optimization experience, Shanghai Longfeng optimization and ranking railway station, probably can be divided into four stages: the new line railway station during turbulent period and weighted ranking ranking stable. So how to smooth through several periods of

ranked 3. turbulent period

1. new online

We love Shanghai for

is launching a new website content rarely, but we most want love Shanghai can quickly collect, so post quality is also good. This period we can put in the station key distribution site, URL standard, including the title tag title, breadcrumb navigation, navigation and so on are done, released a few high quality articles, then you can send some external connection or attract spider submit your URL to search engine.

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