How to choose the target keywords of website optimization


through the above picture can see the keywords " Shanghai dragon " the index reached 8856, the second "Shanghai dragon optimization index 1246, intermediate between more than 7000, the word Shanghai dragon popularity high, search and competition will be great. Our analysis, search by keywords, in the first row of the site, map the highest index of the first 3 words, in the first row of the website is baike.baidu贵族宝贝. Wikipedia is the encyclopedia’s products, have very high weight, so that it will be difficult to compete, although the word search volume, a high degree of concern, but it is difficult to optimize, we can choose from.

in 11-18 related target keywords and the Shanghai dragon, and the comparison is not difficult to see that these words a lot of low index. These words are regional, competition will be relatively much smaller. Keywords regional positioning target population, target area can reduce the difficulty of optimization, improve the accuracy of the target population. The first step is determined by keyword index, we need to analyze the specific information of keywords in line in front of the site, to avoid the high visibility of the site. Through the webmaster tools query included, rankings, PR etc.. Relevant information also to query the domain name (PR, website ranking, age, size, operation mechanism, Shanghai Longfeng operation means etc.) to determine the operability of the words according to the strength of the opponent. If there are a lot of high-profile stations are in the front row, such words can give. There are also likely to encounter a word ranking mostly within the page, that this word is very good do the home page, the word can be used as target keywords.

This is a picture of

target keywords have to search a certain amount of. This word is not too hot or too cold. Too hot words are difficult to optimize, popular words are hard to bring traffic. We can love Shanghai index to determine the amount of search keywords. The higher the index of the word search volume is bigger, the opposite lower index word search volume is small, the user attention is low, it is difficult to bring traffic. If the word index is very high, we can avoid the word and the choice of Related words, the word can make the regional industry, can also be the. The following example shows that



Shanghai dragon is one of the most important concepts. What is the target keywords, in general is the site of products and services to the target customers may be used to search keywords. Here is a simple example of "Shanghai dragon" this is a keyword, the user through the search "Shanghai dragon" to obtain the corresponding information, related websites will take "Shanghai dragon" as the main keywords, the main keyword is the target keywords. Keywords target selection is very important. The establishment of appropriate target keywords can bring traffic to the site, so as to enhance the value of the site. So how to choose the target keywords

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