Nantong Shanghai Dragon why we need to do Links

Links function is so few, another point is that you can increase website traffic. But the effect is not too big. Because the site is now common flow is not high, naturally will not give you to how much traffic. But if the link and a high traffic website, it is another matter, but the chance is very small. Unless you have a very good relationship with each other, relatives and friends can also be what.

The basic

webmaster know, the weight of the website is to rely on the transmission link. With the friend of the chain website ranking is good, so is the natural love Shanghai love, or rank will not be good. So in love with the sea to climb up the number of times he. Follow the links you crawl again, a little weight will be promoted. For a long time, your weight will improve.

‘s own website

Links why can increase the amount included in the site? For example, your website and a keyword ranking, the higher the weight of the site Links, so when he came to love Shanghai spider crawling website, also will follow you in his website link up to your site, thus increasing the site included the opportunity.


fell in love with the sea


second: you can make your site keywords in front of

make friends believe all done Links, I like the Nantong Shanghai dragon website also did some Links, feel good, can swap the weight, benefit each other. So why do Links? He has what effect, the following analysis.

the reason is very simple, for example, you get the affirmation of the family, that is not enough, if you get a magistrate affirmation, it is not the same, your social status will improve, and get more people support and respect! If the governor, the president that no more! Love Shanghai for example a single to you, the so-called single is one-way links to your website, then your website can quickly obtain high value of PR, PR7, PR8 are likely to.

: first he was able to increase the amount collected

all of the above is the summary of the importance of the Nantong Shanghai dragon Links building on the site, I believe that many also deep, and also make new friends to learn. Oh, Links also don’t do more, generally 35 or so good things!! much love Shanghai will think you’re cheating. To combat the effect is not good. Every day to check your Links, see if there is no site is K or drop right some abnormal phenomena, and disposed of in a timely manner, the province of complicity own website. The love of Shanghai is very strict in this regard! This paper from Nantong, the original address of 贵族宝贝zhizun贵族宝贝/cat_1/204.html Shanghai, welcome to reprint, please keep the link.

third: can improve their website PR value

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