How to choose the right keywords on target

we need to on-line sites, and planning is cannot do without, after all this planning finished, we need concrete analysis under our plan, find out all the keywords in this industry, first proposed a list of 5 to 10, then from out, choose the most suitable for the keywords the industry, which is the main keywords, the keywords are back in accordance with the main keywords to carry out, so do not ignore, casually chosen to go through many aspects of comparison of the query and make a decision, take me, "China etiquette celebration" the portal for it, I was involved in the industry a celebration of the ceremonial celebration after screening finally selected as the main keywords, and then spreading the relevant keywords based on the main ceremonial celebration of the auxiliary keywords, keywords.

Keywords Keywords

two, auxiliary

three goal

want to operate our website, the preparation is very important, including the location of the web site, can refer to an article "a few days ago on how to write to the site location about on-line". The article talked about the choice of keywords, today to introduce how to choose the right target keywords, priority among priorities which is the site of pre positioning, which will be related to the site of future customers are in search through which target keywords.

when our main keywords and auxiliary words are selected, you can put these words of a sort, because after a long period of observation, that the search engine will weight from beginning to end in order to judge and define each keyword, obviously our main keywords are in the first row, the auxiliary keyword suggestions to decide the order according to the search engine’s index, after everything is ready, you can start adding the content of the website, the content inside as our target keywords, believe that as long as we conscientiously do, always to return, after all, unlike the previous Shanghai dragon choose a few key words can do, now rely on the.

choose the main keywords, we will spread secondary key on this basis, we can love Shanghai index use ads Shanghai dragon enthusiasts often used, when we search our main keywords, the following will display the relevant keywords, the keywords can become our secondary key candidate, and then set their own several key words of understanding of the industry are listed, a total of 5-15, finally screened, generally select 3-5 on the line, do not need too much, if you feel it difficult to choose, can be assisted to borrow keywords search volume index of love Shanghai. It should be stressed, can not be too dependent on the consistent love Shanghai index, although it is given the relevant index, but some are not in the words of this category also will appear in this industry, so to analyze details, otherwise to customers do not know our website is what to do, then we Shanghai Dragon do a taboo.

, the main industry keywords

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