Luna fat talk about medical website optimization problems

1) a large number of medical packing hot words.

3) a large number of banner ad insertion.

A large number of

union station, as far as possible every day for the next, which are not influenced, try not to hang some illegal such as rush, plug-in, hacker similar sites, causing the site authority and professional, questioned, and even love Shanghai implicated punishment.

repeat the same title, description, the different sections of the article to call each other, do not regulate the internal anchor text links, have led to a decline in the quality of the optimization in the station, so the moon more chubby, suggest the webmaster, description and keyword to standardization is not the same, the content related to the similar induction, provide users with related articles this recommendation also contributes to the consultation and treatment of patients.

this is a common problem in many medical industry website, the title with keywords, keywords and order from small to large change, no difference at all, let the love of Shanghai and other search engines can not distinguish the main keywords, leads to weight loss, Luna chubby suggested that the main keyword and brand keywords can be put in the first place, and the medical industry a minor point can be put in the keyword meta and meta, to facilitate better weight accumulation.

4) need to implement internal web site optimization.

for Shanghai dragon Er, before you may talk a lot more on insist on the chain, depending on the content, but today God small fat to say is for the medical industry is in need of more skills, adhere to the strategy, so Shanghai dragon Er are in addition to the chain, the article also do some outside the more important work, that is summed up and summarized, comparison.

in medical sites, usually at the beginning of a large banner pictures, and 10 sites in 9, and the other one is flash, the big picture not only reduces the access speed, but also a waste of the optimization of the main location, good location of the upper left corner, so suggestions more medical station, will enlarge the change into small, with pictures and words are combined to achieve optimization and user experience improvement website.

hopes that several major problems encountered in medical sites in Luna fat, can help solve the problem of the webmaster more details and skills of website optimization, plus your careful, and adhere to, not through the black hat start >

in the medical industry, the editor is perhaps the most common worker, any medical websites have a 2-4 editor, which is updated every day at least 60-100 articles about articles, and these articles are not original, but the site from others took over, revise the pseudo original, for the love of Shanghai, for Google search engine, a large number of false original will cause the weight of the website and professional greatly reduced, so that more users edit writing original content, writing about the topic, support pseudo original, enhance the website weight.

In addition to

2) every day the amount, is false original.

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