The contents of the report group of visitors flow based on Analytics in noble baby

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is the first step to create content group is familiar with the content of the website and the page URL rules. What are the rules of different content URL. This is a very important step, but also in the process of creating the content groups in the most time-consuming step. And most of the time, also need to repeatedly.

analysis of visitor route has always been short board nobility baby Analytics, until the V5 version. Let the visitor flow function of path analysis is no longer difficult! Who also have a baby Analytics from the flow into three parts, content, complete and independent analysis ability. This article will introduce the noble baby Analytics V5 version of the visitor flow function, and through the analysis of personalized content set of visitors for the path in the web site.


1 website homepage layout


simply means that we need to solve problems through the analysis of what. For example, for my blog, our problem is how to increase the subscription amount. How to increase the subscription amount this website to backstepping is decomposed into many specific problems:

effective? Objective to analyze the

page recommendation

November 21, 2010 I once wrote an article based on the contents of group path analysis article: "analysis" path content based on group Analytics noble baby now let’s continue this topic.

the above problems can be decomposed into more specific questions to. Such as: visitors from home and went to what page? Collation list page reasonable? How many visitors choose page? Where do not click on the search results to the visitors and so on?. These specific problems are the purpose of our analysis. In the understanding of the purpose of analysis, we can start creating content group.

analysis based on objective planning group

analysis, content based on the visitor route group as the name suggests, we first on the website of the content should be grouped before starting the analysis. So, how do we content to the website group, there is no standard is what? Grouped by web channels, or by the type of content, or page level grouping? Each content group into fine granularity appropriate? All of these are not the standard answer, no division of content group unified standard. Each site, and even division method of each person will not the same. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, as long as you divide the contents of your group can meet the demand analysis, to analysis the purpose of you. Therefore, before dividing the content groups, we need to clear the purpose of the analysis is what.

3 search results provide effective

two to create content group preparation before


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