Shanghai dragon Title and Description Tag Optimization

1. medium length

Description label

is the repetition of a single Title tag in the site.

title should be brief and clear. If the title is too long, part of the search engine may only display your title. Avoid:

title is the title, easy for users to understand the content of the page is mainly based on the search engine to determine the content of web pages. The search engine is a large part of sites rely on title to judge the content of the website is about what. Title is the overall summary of a web site, a good web site can make the title search ranking, so that the optimization of title is very important. Hereintroduces several title mainly follow the principle of optimization.

search engine optimization is a long-term undertaking. To do search engine optimization, firstly, we should be the most basic work to. The following describes the detailed optimization points of Title tags and Description tags, hope to the webmaster friends help.

4.Title clear

The so-called

Description tags generally appear in the head of the page in the meta tag, mainly used to summarize or describe the content of the page. The page Description tag can tell the search engine in detail what the page is about. A page of the Title label may be a few words or phrases, and Title tags are different, the page Description tag is one or two words or a short paragraph.


3. each page should have a unique Title tag

is not related with the content of the website keyword.

uses the default or vague title, such as: new page 1.


Title length must not be too long, not too short. The general control in the above 5 words, 30 words%. Punctuation can be added according to the needs of the middle small, usually dominated by single spaces, vertical, comma etc.. Of course, we can also according to the specific situation to develop.

choose a correct expression of the content of the page title. Avoid:

is accurate and reasonable

each page should have a unique title tag, so different pages helps identify the search engine of your site. Avoid:

Title long, keyword stuffing too much;

Description label is also very important, because the search engine may be as page generation.

Title label

Title content is too vague;

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