The chain link is recommended Reflections on the meaning of

for example in the article cited the process embodied in the "natural link", usually in "on the mentioned above, please move to * * * * on details" or "a * * more introduction and common form. In contrast, the link was far more than we have left in various forums and blog links in the signature should be recommended". There is a great difference between the normal natural links and we must insert rigid links, search engine.

Shanghai official in love "on the chain" judgment and many other occasions that, whether a link is to transfer the weight, whether the link is recommended as the basis of judging the true meaning of. As shown in the figure for the love of Shanghai search engineer in response to the "love Shanghai webmaster community": "whether we should link to transfer the weight, the only criterion is that this link is the user or other websites really recommend your website, this is recommended for users of value."

All link building

also mentioned "meaning has recommended links in the link station optimization". Ideally, the search engine should only refer to this link has recommended significance. But the network link is complex, the search engine will be from a technical point of view to determine how this link is recommended? Most can manifest by the user or other websites really recommend links is the internal nature of links and users to share links. Have recommended and not all the internal link, this link must appear in nature, and the current page and link to the page content should have certain correlation, this can cause the user to click on the link to browse the past has recommended significance. Now there are a large number of users sharing the phenomenon of cheating, so the history manipulation and user share out links to the degree of concern, are likely to become the shared links with recommended reference.

station in Shanghai Longfeng view "has recommended links" in the construction of the chain should not only consider the link with the place, add the links whether the effect on weight and ranking, but should consider whether the site should appear here in this link, this link is able to guide the user to recommend click browse, the link to the chain whether the contents of the page and around the current page or the link position content related, whether the content has been echoed.

in Shanghai in the Longfeng purpose, are deliberately manipulated the weight and website ranking, are for the intervention on the search engine nature link judgment, starting from the purpose can be attributed to link cheating. But the link above the two forms, whether it is money or deliberately, as long as there is significance to the user, regardless of what is produced, what is the purpose of it is recommended, it is a value. With the recommended significance in network is not only the two link, there are many other types of links are recommended, the most important is "natural" and "related", worthy of our in-depth thinking.

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