Shanghai Longfeng need efficient those things about Shanghai dragon team division

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fourth, link building professionals

, the first mining and organizing content

on the whole, a good Shanghai dragon team must include include the following aspects, links, long tail, the organization of content, promotion, only the development of all aspects, in order to expand their own included, rankings and flow, the influence to further develop. Well, here are described separately.

Shanghai dragon team also need a master program, you may need to think why programmers? For large web sites, many problems are included, so we need to do IIS log analysis, find out the reasons not included in where, if is the structure problem, need to adjust the structure, so we need a who are familiar with the personnel procedures. In addition, we usually do a lot of Shanghai dragon’s handmade handmade, although there are certain advantages, but easy to be limited in quantity, if the personnel procedures, we can make the batch operation of the software, it can greatly improve the efficiency, many stations or traffic owners are very good at developing program.

second, with the promotion of

third, modify the architecture observation log

link building is essential, whether using decoy links, or the use of the traditional "

now Shanghai dragon competition has become more and more large, for a large scale website, want to get the fast and stable development, the establishment of a team may be a good choice. With the development of the Internet more and more rapidly, the establishment of team is no longer subject to geographical and space constraints, becomes more easy and fast. As a webmaster, I have your own team, also found a lot of team advantage, so today to share with you a few things to understand the Shanghai dragon team division.

requires at least one person to complete, if full of human, two to three may. Because of the keyword mining is not a simple thing, for a small website, does not have what difficulty, the keyword is less, but for a large website, the website must be included in large amount, these included content is not random release, but to plan. So, one of the most important task of Shanghai dragon team is digging a lot of long tail keywords and reasonable distribution to the site to.

requires at least two people, responsible for day-to-day website promotion. In general a dedicated blog and forum, the number is not the first, quality is the most important. To ensure that you send to be included, as the anchor calculation; then another is responsible for the promotion of soft paper, write some high quality soft release to the excellent platform, thus can be reproduced, increase the number of external links the site, on the other hand can also be good to expand the popularity of the site.

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