The construction of the chain under the new situation how to start wise

and I then search engine adjust again, one-way links era, get this view one-way links began to spread, what blog, blog, forum thread, etc. all kinds of large amounts of garbage outside the chain, I remember in College for a small station, but also hair outside the chain, then do not said, these rely on one-way links for ranking rankings began to decline.

search engine and begin to pay attention to the source of the website chain, larger site, better weight link brings so many sites, in order to rank the chain have tried to get the big sites, and these sites tend to benefit willing to put your links pointing to any type of website, do not care about the quality and content of the website related to the.

search engine and website optimization is far more than the above, as the saying goes, one upmanship. Sprocket means are produced and sink in the above history.

The one-way link Game

Tangulunjin, we first talk about the history of the chain, each link to your web page links are a positive votes on the quality of search engine, calculation of these votes in the page rank, so the chain has become an important way to a site outside the station optimization.

The The history and value of

keyword is such as page cleaning, related page keywords which

The But here >

then the search engine algorithm changes again, search engine optimization, researchers found that the anchor text value is raised, and the excellent Links effect. You don’t need to explain, Links and fire.

the beginning of the search engine to the weight of each chain are brought as almost, this is when most search engines started, so many sites around the hair of the chain, then the ranking effect is indeed very good, but for a long time, the search engine does not find many excellent web site due to even the garbage the chain number often ranking than some excellent site is much better, the reason is not good site get a lot of junk the chain site. This is when the chain number really important than quality.

algorithm and another adjustment, some poor but gained high quality one-way links site began to lose their ranking. But the correlation between links began to receive attention, is the chain from your site and there is a certain correlation between the content of this site, the best chain.

to buy the famous sites, this slogan began to spread throughout the website optimization ears, because at least technically impossible to judge these links are bought or voluntarily added, so a number of money to buy the station outside the chain of wretch ranking began to rise directly to a high position in content of these sites, but did not improve, some the site is still rubbish, just rely on the well-known site gave them the one-way chain only, and these links to the often rather baffling.

1, outside the chain

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