Defining the future Forbes China’s 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in 2015

launched fourth consecutive years, to promote and lead young entrepreneurs in China

3 years ago, the list of prime minister Li Keqiang to absorb the creation of his guest honorary member

Beijing obvious advantages, almost occupy half of the participants, the rest basically from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,

from O2O, games, wearable, intelligent manufacturing, networking, media, Internet banking, software and almost all entrepreneurial hot areas

Forbes Chinese version released in 2015 China 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list (30 Under 30). For fourth consecutive years, the Chinese version of Forbes and the United States together to find and find the best young entrepreneurs in their respective countries, to promote and lead the rise of China’s young entrepreneurs tide.

3 years ago, Shenzhen silicon handed technology founder Pan Hao, because all 30/30 boarded the Forbes Chinese version of the cover, so that the term a passenger in Chinese popular.

was founded in Shenzhen firewood record passenger space at the end of last year received the prime minister Li Keqiang, and successfully invited the prime minister to become "the creation" honorary members.

create a guest has been written in this year’s government work report of the two sessions, entrepreneurial innovation is Li Keqiang called the new normal economic growth in China, one of the two engines.

2015 30/30 ushered in a new stage. If we say that in the past three years, we are looking for the original commercial soil change, the insurgents, and this year, we vaguely see the founder of the beautiful new world.

this year 30 young entrepreneurs from O2O, game, wearable, intelligent manufacturing, networking, media, Internet, financial software almost all entrepreneurial hot, including pension services, design, and some new share economy.

this year, 30 young entrepreneurs, from Beijing accounted for the 13 place, the advantage is obvious, the other mainly from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou. There are 3 female entrepreneurs selected. There are 5 90, the youngest was born in 1993.

Shen Napeng, Sequoia Chinese Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping, GGV capital, Tong Shihao Xu Chuansheng, head of technology partners Chen Danian, IDG Li Feng, Tu Hongchuan, highland light Chinese Cao Darong, Wang Huai and other linear capital as the 30/30 tutor selection.

this year on the Forbes Chinese version of the cover, Zhou Wei is the founder of Shenzhen music world Technology Co. Ltd., the former China University robot contest, after a series of industrial robots in the field of entrepreneurship, chose the somatosensory function of the intelligent car travel "robot" as a breakthrough, and has established the sales of hundreds of millions of dollars of business model.

and the rising drones, machines in Shenzhen

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