Dong Jingyi the beneficial supplement of love Shanghai promotion Shanghai Dragon

A The situation is similar to

, do not put the egg in one basket, the use of multiple sites to share potential risks, such as a website specifically for the natural ranking of Shanghai dragon, another website to do promotion + Shanghai dragon.

two, love Shanghai promotion as a supplement to the Shanghai dragon, some enterprise investment doesn’t matter, open an account will also play a promoting effect on optimization, or when the protection fee, I suggest that small businesses fell in love with the sea each year for 1.5~3 million can be cast more useless, any ads have a the best critical point, reached the critical point after the blind can not get additional input before the corresponding rate of return on investment, easy to cause the waste of advertising.

there are several cases, because the space here is not that, through these cases we can see the love of Shanghai natural ranking system of artificial intervention is still very active.

Its quality, improve the site four >

Shanghai Longfeng customer case, confirmed a long time to love Shanghai a doubt, that the use of love Shanghai to promote the site than did not use the website in natural ranking system is also an advantage.

so what do we do? My suggestions are as follows:

three, remember love Shanghai promotion advertising must be moderate and stable, a substantial increase in advertising do not appear, then suddenly reduced, which is easy to be fixed, you can understand the consequences of love, Shanghai advertising delivery must be kept stable for a long time.

can not move the online marketing customers in the open account before the love of Shanghai, the main keywords have been in love in Shanghai ten page position, whether it is and how much the chain PR5, 6, 7, it has been very stable, is not moving. But in other search engines such as good location, Sogou SOSO or nobility baby was already home. This state lasts for about a month and a half, while Shanghai has carried on the snapshot of love can also be updated several times, frequency, but the number has been fixed. Until the customer opened love Shanghai promotion account for about a week, it will rise to the home page, this is really hard to believe is a coincidence.

The case of

a customer to find move network marketing, it has a love Shanghai promotion account, the main keywords its website ranking still can be distributed in 2, 3, 4 pages. After I was technical renovation and construction of external environment on its website, the main keywords quickly jumped beloved Shanghai home. The business is booming, rose to business has done to the point. But the temporarily stopped to love Shanghai advertising, to digest the old list. In the customer to suspend advertising after a few days, the natural ranking encounters the attack, before returning to the state, that is second, third, fourth pages, but also because the client website foundation, may be too far back is too obvious, 2, 3, 4 pages.


Several recent


The case of

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