Beautiful Shanghai dragon will not die flow analysis

love Shanghai general background traffic =167287*80%=133829UV

, choose love station minimum flow valuation, according to the 80% real into the calculation of]

beauty 483

said the beautiful home 11120


total brand word search index =72104+11120+ +100=88619

brand words antecedents brand word flow = total search index *40%=88619*40%=35447UV

website We find beauty brand keywords group purchase

as follows:

, a brand keyword search index 40% as the real inflow calculation of]

said this beautiful summarize station user group, mainly in:


the second step flow budget data processing: (here only to love Shanghai for example)

said the beautiful website 521

milishuo 1527

beautiful 1086

said the beautiful cabbage 200


The first step of

, select a query tool love Shanghai Lailu flow prediction. Here is a selection of love stand.

Alexa flow algorithm derived from the browser toolbar, from here you can see that the export flow into roughly the proportion range of beauty. Pictured above is today (2012-07-30) data, the data is compared with Lou loose paper, love Shanghai antecedents of 2012-4-6 day 16.38% dropped to 13.51%. The following mainly analysis from the angle of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai road traffic.

1, QQ (QQ space, friends, Tencent micro-blog); 2, Taobao (Tmall); 3, Sina 4, micro-blog love Shanghai;

beauty website 943

We know that

beautiful 100


you know the traffic forecast there are a lot of tools, but by testing, Chinaz, Qucha estimates on the site itself to many high traffic.


so, brand words accounted for love Shanghai Lailu proportion = brand word total background traffic / love Shanghai general background traffic according to the Alexa =26%, the love of Shanghai accounted for 13.51%, reduced by 2%, the whole beautiful "

beautiful 257

said the beautiful web page 259

beauty 72104

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