Discard so贵族宝贝 enable Shuangpin domain name 360 new brand good


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: haosou贵族宝贝

search" Larry haosou贵族宝贝 early in 2003 has been registered, other suffixes haosou.cn/贵族宝贝.cn, and "so" have been the protection of domain name haoso贵族宝贝. And after 360 search into the search field, the first is to enable combination of domain name 360so贵族宝贝 and 360sou贵族宝贝, after the acquisition of millions of "search" Pinyin domain name sou贵族宝贝/.cn, and so贵族宝贝, can be seen in 360 of the domain name and the protection of a new brand value.

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 6th hearing, before the news broke 360 will push the new search brand, yesterday, 360 President Qi Xiangdong to deliver the goods, officially launched an independent brand "search", and launched a new domain name haosou贵族宝贝, click the original domain name so贵族宝贝 jump to haosou贵族宝贝.

why not continue to use the domain name so贵族宝贝? In Qi Xiangdong’s words, "it’s like raising a child, when I was young, the family first played a friendly xiaominger free call, now the child has grown up, to the wider world and travel around the world, there is a need for a formal the name, the words are smooth". But Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝 is consistent with the search of brand image, but also with the input and memorizing many domestic users, and in recent years, domain name prices rise, the situation has enabled the establishment.

intended to make a good search, search engine. Qi Xiangdong said that the past two years, 360 search market share climbed, has accumulated a good reputation of the user and customer satisfaction, the reason for the introduction of "search" independent brand, because before the 360 search in the strict sense is a business name, rather than brand name. The launch of the independent brand "good search" is not a brand name, but have a formal name, intended to Chinese search the first goal of full advance.

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