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keyword and description of writing, the most difficult thing is new, update and send the chain. Why? Because a new station in accordance with common sense of natural link is very small, and when we started the most webmasters are large quantities of the mass of the chain and ignore the quality of the chain, it is easy to cause the ranking to come up just a few days will be down the right to love Shanghai. But now Shanghai love character signature to the forum under the pain killer, no matter you are not water forum signature is invalid, which makes the lack of resources in the new station difficult. In fact, you need not worry, because you do not have what good place to send the chain, your competitors and so love Shanghai to do is to let the majority of owners will be more focus on user needs and user experience instead of cheating, the mass of the chain.

title will not say to the core project site is not more than 35 words or longer title, I changed it to "modern music school – Xi’an music training _ Xi’an drum training _ Xi’an vocal training" for the choice of keywords will be based on the competition degree and the amount of search to screening, don’t look at what the word was candidate himself to choose what words. To describe the writing concise and to the point enough to attract people "Xi’an modern music art schools across the country have more than a chain branch, headquarters is located in the southern suburbs of the Cultural District of Xi’an City, with rehearsal rooms, practice room, recording room and all kinds of professional classroom, using Roland, Yamaha, Meinl, Pearl and other world-class teaching and training equipment." And search "Xi’an music training" all other sites have their own what courses did not highlight its advantages, this writing will let users themselves decisively click your website.


said many here would say, I don’t know how this industry to update the article? Then I would say, I this is a layman training for music, update the article for me is also very difficult. But I think a good way to solve the problem of the update, that is love in Shanghai know that there are other quiz platform users will ask what retrieval problem, then these problems summary statistics ten problems users are most concerned about. There is a problem to find a lot of content is not simple? In addition to this, there is a teacher’s teaching process can be recorded on video, other industries can be recorded using the tutorial.

The key to After the !


today just took over a music training industry website, this website is a typical new type made to share stories, ideas and methods to optimize a new station.

optimization of course home page as the core, so let’s look at the web page title and description, the title is only a "Xi’an modern music arts training school" long description belongs to describe the typical and not what attractive spot

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