6 simple steps to quickly fix the website Z blog 301 redirect

1. copy the following code, and the code "***贵族宝贝" to your own web site.

if there is more than one domain name on the site, such as xxxx贵族宝贝 xxxx.net xxxx.org is a domain name open the website, so it is necessary to set a domain name, the other is not important to the main domain name, because other domain name will take the primary domain of the weight.

Why should

1. sites have multiple snapshots of

The presence of multiple domain web site optimization method?

4.. The problem of

my Z-blog railway station after the completion of the home page classification of static optimization, after a few days soon see love Shanghai updated daily snapshot, included is normal, but keyword ranking still did not go up, I think this should be a great relationship and weight. I love Shanghai yesterday to check the snapshot, found two page snapshots with or without www WWW, but the inside pages are full of snapshots with www. This website does not have to remember to do 301 redirection, the weight is not high, scattered in two above.

simple said 301 redirect function is to complete the URL of the domain name of the jump, can increase the weight of the target site, in theory, it is a very safe, not only will not affect the site weight, will not be regarded as the best search engine cheating jump method. Of course, a good method is not able to abuse. So in what circumstances, you need to use 301 redirect

for example my site is now found in snapshot two love Shanghai website, www.***贵族宝贝 and ***贵族宝贝 have a snapshot. But I am not going to ***.org as the main domain name but also can not let him stop parsing. So, don’t take the WWW domain name do jump.

3. to replace the domain name

two. Specific steps of code to achieve the zblog website 301 redirect:

when the page content is deleted or can not access error. But it should be noted that the 301 permanent redirect, if it is a temporary jump, don’t forget to restore. But also don’t suggest a temporary jump 301 redirect.

sometimes we will meet the website domain name expires, or for other reasons to change the domain name, you can use it to put the old domain to the new domain name.

a website, do 301 redirect

if request.ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME" =" ***贵族宝贝"); then Response.Status=" Moved Permanently&q> 301

2. website

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